Tuesday, April 10, 2007

BG sketch and Character Thumbnails

Background sketch was done when I was a visual development intern at Kantana Animation Company in Thailnad. But all character thumbnails are for my film I'm now working on.


Blogger David said...

It looks really good. Why doesn't anyone comment? DON'T YOU LIKE THIS STUFF????

3:12 AM  
Blogger Numair said...

I love the edgy designs! You could animate these as they were really. I'm wondering how much squash and stretch youre going to put on these guys tho - simply because as I see them I'm automatically imagining them moving only in the ways I've grown up seeing animated characters move. But honestly, because these are unique characters, and assuming you are a unique animator too, you could make them move in a manner of your own making...!

Btw I like those scratches youve got on the side of these scans too. Nice presentation. :D

4:22 AM  

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